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      15 seconds – Movie script

15 seconds (Film script- movie)

The story begins when Emir Olän, a renowned Turkish sculptor, sees his life on the line because his biggest buyer, Claude Boucher, asks him to create a work portraying his influencer wife Luna Boucher in an erotic and highly provocative pose. The unusual request will compromise not only Emir’s career but also his entire existence.

The lives of all characters will collide generating a chain sequence of toxic relationships, lies, betrayals, sex, and violence that will expose the hollowness of ties. In this social parable, the detonator will be a 15-second story posted on social media, consequent to the proposal to make the work, which will turn the lives of the protagonists upside down and generate the most extreme of convictions for Emir.


15 Seconds is a hard-hitting and highly topical story, a snapshot of the world we live in today, and a glaring demonstration of how social media is so totalizing that it mixes with the dynamics of real life, influencing and changing the way we relate to ourselves, others and even the way we think and behave. A veritable stage for lies and, often, public pillorying from which it is difficult, or even impossible, to escape. A non-place where “keyboard lions” are born, who have the power to create anger, hatred, and indignation and to stir up crowds against intended victims.


The virtual, fictitious, and insubstantial world is gradually becoming more relevant than physical reality. This influences the lives of millions of people, forcing them into increasingly constructed and posturing existences, with extreme levels of narcissism, with users surrounded by fans and haters, where more and more victims appear making hostility-filled speeches, and movements in which freedom of expression is also and at the same time mirroring hatred. All this makes relationships between people increasingly difficult and, above all, makes it increasingly complicated to distinguish what is true within the artificial construction of social media.