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      Curriculum and expositions

Curriculum and expositions

Author of the book Portraits of My Other Self. In production. India-Italy. 2019-2020.


Collective exhibition of artists and poets of books of verse. Portogruaro, Venice, Italy. 2020


Group show, What kind of life do you want to live? Myymälä2 Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. 2020.


Co-author of the TV script Kafka & Co. Written with writer and editor Marco Perilli. Italy-Mexico. 2020.


Author of the novel Echoes. Italy. 2020.


Author of the film script 15 secondi. Italy. 2020


Author of the film script La escala del mar. Italy. 2019


Guest artist at the artistic residence in Palazzolo dello Stella. Italy. 2019. 


Guest artist at the exhibition Orchestrazione n.27. Gallery PAB. Portogruaro, Venice, Italy. 2019 


Guest artist at Associazione culturale [A]. Marano Lagunare, Italy. 2019


Author of the novel Las Verdades Infames. Compilation of three stories about Mexico City. Published by Random House Literature. Mexico. 2019.


Author of the novel Féminas. Italy. 2019. 


Finalist published by the X Literaris Premis Constantí. Barcelona, Spain. 2019.


Author of curatorial texts for the Mexican pavilion at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale. Italy. 2018.


Writer and co-director of the short film Cuerpos de sal. Selected in more than twelve international festivals and winner in five. Co-directed with photographer Atonatiuh Bracho. Baja California and Mexico City. 2018-2019. 


Creator and director of the Literal Gallery-Publishing House. Several countries. 2017-2020.


Author of the television script Chaos (based on the author’s novel, Chaos). Mexico. 2017.


Finalist published by the X Literaris Premis Constantí. Barcelona, Spain. 2016. 


Professor of Literary Creation in the Space of Equality “Hermanas Mirabal”. Madrid, Spain. 2016.


Author of the film script Cenizas (based on the novel by Damián Comas, Cenizas), commissioned by the production company REDRUM. Los Angeles, USA and Mexico City. 2016-2018.


Author of Kinetics, as a scholarship holder of Jóvenes Creadores, FONCA. Fragment published in Las verdades infames, Literatura Random House.  Mexico City. 2014-2015.


University Professor of Literature and Literary Creation, Bachelor’s and Master’s level, at the Casa Lamm Culture Center. Mexico City. 2012-2014. 


Author of the novel Cenizas. Winner of the Hispanic Literature Award of the University of Seville, published by Punto de lectura, Spain. 2012-2014.


Head of Cultural Activities, General Rector’s Office of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. Here he coordinated national and international film shows, the cultural magazine of the university, exhibitions and academic, literary and film discussion forums. Mexico City, 2010-2012.


Co-author of the film script Sueños del Agua with film director Carlos Bolado. Winner of Project Development, IMCINE. Mexico City, 2010. 


Co-author of the documentary script El agua y la ciudad de México with film director Carlos Bolado. Mexico City. 2010.


Collective Exhibition. For papillae and pupils. Border Gallery. Mexico City. 2011.


Director of the short film The geisha and the homeless. Video Fest 09. Contemporary art meeting. Contemporary Art Center: Chateau Carreras. Córdoba, Argentina. 2009.


Director of Maderas Negras. Individual exhibition of large format paintings. Alternative space. Mexico City. 2009.


Creator of The Eternal Principle. Sculptural work donated to the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Cuajimalpa. Mexico City. 2007.


Creator of Eneros. Solo exhibition of large format paintings. Hermenegildo Bustos Gallery. Guanajuato, Mexico. 2006.


Applied Anatomy. Individual exhibition of forty works: drawing and sculpture in marble. El Recreo Gallery. Guanajuato, Mexico. 2005.


Collective exhibition. Pirate Spaces. Fine Arts Institute, Guanajuato, Mexico. 2003.