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      Las verdades infames – Novel

Las verdades infames (Trilogy of novels) 

In search of an anchorage for a reality that is too liquid, Las verdades infames establishes a dialogue between different perspectives of contemporary life and radically explores the nature of literature as an artistic creation.

The story begins with “Junk”, a critique of the simulation of contemporary art. Its interlocutors are Gabriel and Mariana, two grieving artists. Freed from the paternalistic influence of Gabriel, Mariana must face the weight of emptiness and find meaning in an existence that is completely alien to her.

The second part, “Chaos”, has a raw realism as it depicts a scenario that is getting closer and closer: the end of water in Mexico City. A scenario where individuals will seek to survive the media’s deception, mass containment, hunger and lack of resources in a megalopolis governed by collective panic and violence.

Finally, “Kinetics” shows the moral decadence that prevails in our times. In it, a writer and his ex-partner meet by chance on a flight from Mexico to Madrid and are forced to return to the past, not imagining that this moment will be the absolute destruction of their destinies.